Wednesday, August 02, 2006


Some of you might me wondering where have I been for the past one week or so, well... I went to Miri from 28/Jul till 2/Jul. This is my first visit to the Oil Town.

Was working on the night prior to my flight. So once I got home from work (which was already 10am ++), I started packing for my luggage. Went to bed at around 11am and woke up at around 1pm cuz my flight was at 305pm.

Kuching International Airport (mini KLIA)

At the check in counter, the attendant told me that my flight would be delayed for 10 mins. So, I started my journey at 315pm and reached Miri Airport at 415pm. And guess what got my attention immediately...

A Manchester United AirAsia Airbus A300

Went to all the shopping malls in Miri, i.e Imperial Mall, Bintang Plaza and Boulevard Shopping Mall.

Herbie in Miri

And surprise surprise... I did not buy anything from Miri. But I managed to catch two of the biggest blockbuster movies in Miri, The Pirates of the carribean: Dead Man's Chest and 龙虎门 (Dragon Tiger Gate). The highlight of watching the movies were not the movies themselves but one experience which I think not many of you would experience throughout your lifetime. I actually saw the movie "burnt" when I was watching 龙虎门. Halfway thru the movie, the scene suddenly paused, and amazingly none of the 30+ people in the cineplex did not boo or make a big fuss out of it. Most of them treat it as a toilet break or some even went to get popcorn! Then suddenly, the unthinkable happened. We could actually see the top right corner on the screen started to burn a hole through the film. Hah... liddat also can! I couldn't help but laughed my heart out. Hahahaa.... Overall, the two movies were not bad and I would give it a rating of 7.5/10. And yeah, I had to mention that Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow was absolutely brilliant. He was wacky and witty... true to the spirit of a pirate.