Saturday, January 24, 2009

KaoHsiung MRT Station

Photo taken at KaoHsiung MRT station around 4pm

Friday, January 23, 2009

Captain of The Ship

I love the Viking Helmet


Cargo ship leaving the port - Photo taken in KaoHsiung

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


My latest toy - Strike Gundam SD

Actually assembling robot figurines not only satisfies my interest in Gunplas, but these figurines make good photo shoot subjects. These Gundam toys from Bandai (please get only the original ones, and not from Bandei or Bundai or Bandee because those imitations lack the precision and touch) are really flexible. The one you see here is from the SD series, hence it's short and stout (but cute can?). There are also HG (high grade), MG (master grade) and PG (perfect grade) Gundams. The higher the grade, the higher the difficulty level of assembling it, but on the plus side, there will be more agility in your robot.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


This is a photo of my best buddy, Steven and his lovely daughter Chloe.

You close your eyes and I have to check to make sure your still breathing.
You open your eyes and look at me and I feel the innocence and love radiate from your very being.
You are the purest of all souls, the untouched, the ultimately loved.
You are free from pain, from hardships, from lie, from anger.
You are a free soul.
Unchecked by greed, by wrongdoing, by sin.
You are everything good.
You are the smallest part of me, but the biggest part of my heart.
You are.
You are mine.
You are.
You are a tiny, just born baby.

Poem by By Michelle Aspinall

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Anna & Jin & Happily Ever After... - Part 2

As promised... here are more photos from Anna and Jin's big day.

Arriving at groom's house (which is also the couple's)

Isn't she lovely?

Nuptial blessings

Serving tea for parents and in-laws

Being served tea by younger relatives

Kids just wanna have fun

Dude, where's my bride?

过门 ceremony

Exchanging 汤圆- symbol of eternal unity

Taking off the veil and hairpins.... no sweat for Jin

Anna playing her role as a good wifey

Jin with his bradas...

Anna with her gang

Family portrait


Stay tuned for more in Part 3...


Back at Anna's house for tea ceremony

Saturday, January 17, 2009

爱玉 from Taiwan

I guess most of you have not heard or seen this fruit... Yeah, it is a fruit. One glance it sure does look like a fruit with sesame seeds. After being processed, it does look something like 仙草 (cincau) except it's transparent.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Golden Retriever

I wish I had a GR as handsome as he is.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Anna & Jin & Happily Ever After... - Part 1

3rd Jan 2008 - My first wedding assignment since I got my baby. It has been almost half a year now since I got my baby and this is only my first assignment! Can you believe it?

Well actually it's not an official assignment. Anna (my exclassmate in secondary school for 6 years) was kind enough to let me snap photos of her BIG day. Thanks Anna!

And thank God that me and Allen were not the official photographers that day because both of us actually woke up late on that day. I had to settle some stuffs at the Simpang Tiga police station on the night before Anna's wedding. I only went to bed at around 3am. The makeup session starts at around 5am and we missed it completely! -_-"

When Allen and I arrived at Anna's house, I think the ji mui (sisters) just finished having fun teasing the bridegroom and let her in to get Anna. (Missed that too....Bummer!)

Mr and Mrs Chong

Anna - the lovely bride

Tsong Jin - the dashing bridegroom

Anna's mom giving out ang pao - really a proud mom on that day and everyday!

Hand in hand, laughing out loud together...Aren't they a couple made in heaven?

早生贵子 - This is to grant them prosperity and bear children ASAP. So Anna and Jin, work on it!

Anna's so elated under the red

Wedding Carriage

So they settled for some breakfast and photo sessions before leaving for the bridegroom's house for the marriage and tea rituals.

Anna is waiting for Jin to step into the car... (I heart this photo!)

And off they go...

More pichas to come in Part 2 of Anna & Jin & Happily Ever After - Coming soon...

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Studio 23 Opening - Part 3

A very impressive intro page of Studio 23's website

As promised, this is the part where I will bring you some photos from the fitness studio. This studio is basically run by Albert Lim

Albert Lim - Martial Arts guru

Albert and Patrick having some weird contacts

Albert applying the killer lock on Patrick

Em and Serina going through photos on Allen's baby

The 3 participants for Albert's Fizfit Core Strength training programme (dunno why in this shot they all look tensed and grumpy, esp Mikey)

I gotta admire how Mikey can come up with so many funny facial expressions

Albert demonstrating how it's done

A test of real fitness

Albert giving instructions, Calvin listening carefully

Mikey, apa macam?

Kettlebell weights

Everyone wants a piece of the monkey bar

Sharon trying to swing and smile

Serina tried too

Calvin flexing his muscles

Em tried to swing like Jane (as in Tarzan and Jane)

And finally...

My sifu Allen....LOL

If you would like to know about their training schedules and rates, please visit their official website for Studio 23 [Please click here]

Here I'd like to wish Albert and Serina all the best and may their business prospers like the rain that we Kuchingites are having these few days...