Sunday, January 11, 2009

Studio 23 Opening - Part 3

A very impressive intro page of Studio 23's website

As promised, this is the part where I will bring you some photos from the fitness studio. This studio is basically run by Albert Lim

Albert Lim - Martial Arts guru

Albert and Patrick having some weird contacts

Albert applying the killer lock on Patrick

Em and Serina going through photos on Allen's baby

The 3 participants for Albert's Fizfit Core Strength training programme (dunno why in this shot they all look tensed and grumpy, esp Mikey)

I gotta admire how Mikey can come up with so many funny facial expressions

Albert demonstrating how it's done

A test of real fitness

Albert giving instructions, Calvin listening carefully

Mikey, apa macam?

Kettlebell weights

Everyone wants a piece of the monkey bar

Sharon trying to swing and smile

Serina tried too

Calvin flexing his muscles

Em tried to swing like Jane (as in Tarzan and Jane)

And finally...

My sifu Allen....LOL

If you would like to know about their training schedules and rates, please visit their official website for Studio 23 [Please click here]

Here I'd like to wish Albert and Serina all the best and may their business prospers like the rain that we Kuchingites are having these few days...


allen said...

time for me to shave off those fat! LOL

I should have moved towards the front row that day. =.=

Didn't manage to get many photos on Albert's part.

Louis said...

aiyo allen... anytime u wanna go shed off those excess baggage, lemme know la.

i captured many albert's photos but not sharp. time to get a speedlite.

allen said...

yeah.. i want.. anytime.. tmr is basketball day for me! :D

Louis said...

tomorrow is hip hop day for me... :)