Monday, January 05, 2009

Studio 23 Opening - Part 2

There were many people who attended the opening of the latest and one and only dace and fitness studio in Kuching - Studio 23.

I am happy to meet a few of my friends there. I am glad that there are quite a number of my friends and also my sis who share my passion for dancing and fitness.

My sifu aka photographer extraordinaire Allen

Model brada Chris who was in deep thoughts

Brada Calvin

Brada Mikey with the funny expressions

Ex-schoolmate Karen

Amber Chia's sis.....not......Em

Ex-Coursemate from UTM Erika

My sec school senior Darren

Fitness studio at Studio 23 ...coming right up!


allen said...

great pichas! LOL! i want my pic there in facebook!

cal81 said...

great pichas indeed! mikey so cute ah! =p

Louis said...

thanks guys! need great inspiration to take pichas...

Ah_Mike said...

I more more fat-boy than cute =_=