Thursday, November 30, 2006

Dragon fruit flower

Some of you might be scratching your head "what on earth is dragon fruit?". I'll let wikipedia shed some light to everyone.

"The pitaya (also known as pitahaya, dragon fruit, huǒ lóng guǒ (火龍果/龙果), strawberry pear, nanettikafruit, or thanh long) is the fruit of several cactus species, especially of the genus Hylocereus. Native to Mexico and Central and South America, these vine-like epiphytic cacti are also cultivated in Southeast Asian countries such as Vietnam and Malaysia. They are also found in Taiwan, Israel, and southern China. The pitaya only flowers at night, they are large white flowers that are often called Moonflower or Queen of the Night."

defined by wikipedia

2 nights ago, the dragon fruit plant gave a full display of its flowers. It started to blossom at around 7pm and by 12 midnight it reached its full blossom. In case you do not know, the flower will only last for about 12~16 hours. It was indeed a magnificent sight looking at the pure white flower blossoming in the middle of the night. My dad was especially excited as this was the very first flower which came out of his "precioussssss" dragon fruit plant.

Erected *_*


my personal favourite shot


tadda...12 midnight

more more more...

so pure...


morning after...


good things never last (that's why we need to savour every wonderful moment of our lives)

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Own a puppy - ABORTED

I have aborted my plans on keeping a puppy due to strong objections from my parents.


Sunday, November 26, 2006

Car show at Damai Lagoon carpark

My friend called me up this morning and asked me if I wanted to joined to see a car show. So after going to church that morning, I met up with him and took a ride in his kewl BMW 5 series to Damai Lagoon.
On our way to Damai, we saw a few Evos and Stis heading in the opposite direction. We were like "Shyt... the car show must have ended!" But what the heck, we continued our journey...
And this is what we saw when reached Damai Lagoon carpark...

Jewel of the car show... stock Subaru WRX with full PRODRIVE bodykit

Huge and bad rear spoiler

18" rims wrapped around in Yokohama high performance tires

Lean, mean and devilish engine... even the car plate number spells "DEVIL"

sweet "6-star" badge

Huge air scoop that can eat up anything

camouflaged - cheetah in snake skin

interior is just as "hidden" as the exterior

these woofers can pump out quite a handsome bass

be scared, be really scared of these spiders

Apart from these two jewels, the rest were protons and kancils which are not worth mentioning here. Hope that there will be more car shows which exhibit more pimped rides in the near future.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

TMNUT sucks

You and I have heard many times that the broadband users in Malaysia complain about the sercive by our most dominant local ISP "TMNUT Screamyx". Well I came across the following ads while surfing the net today:

Malaysia's broadband sucks -

And a few days back I came across this link while surfing a local forum website. It's the whole process where an extremely frustrated and short-fused guy (Mr. Chua) called up TMNUT's service line 1-300-88-9515 to complain bout his inability to connect to the internet. Here, Mr. Chua simply demonstrates how fierce and unethical a small handful of Malaysians can be. He barked vulgarities at the poor Operator-who-could-only-say-OK-OK-and-frustrated-Mr.Chua. TMNUT has really gotta give the shift supervisor Mr. Kumaran a payrise. Not only did he kept his composure while facing with the hot-tempered Mr.Chua, he also managed to save some face for TMNUT. Kudos Kumaran!

Hope you all will enjoy the shouting and barking!

Monday, November 20, 2006

Doggie in the house

I am really excited to tell you all that I am finally gonna get my own dog. I have always wanted to own a dog, but due to various reasons (limited space before I moved, expensive dog food, time constraint, parents not so keen....) my plan has to be put on hold for many many times. But I am glad to say that this time, it's gonna be real. Yay!

I went to the pet shop which was located at Muara Tabuan to do my scouting one day, and guess what I found. These cute little Labrador puppies!

6 siblings

One particular white female pup caught my eye and my heart.

Hands up!

But to my dismay, the taukeh-nio taold me that all the 6 puppies available at the shop have already been reserved by someone else. Dang! Why does it have to happen to me? Sigh~~ But after the taukeh-nio left the shop, the shop assistant asked me to come back the next day to check on the availability of the puppies.

How can you resist me?

So the next day, after my hair-do, I went to the pet shop again. This time the taukeh-nio told me that 3 of the 6 pups are up for grabs. Wasting no time, I went to the cage to see if the one I liked is still there. And greeting me was indeed the very little white Labrador puppy which I have fallen in love with... After bargaining with the taukeh-nio, I paid the deposit and bid goodbye to my pup.


According to the taukeh-nio, I can collect my pup in one-week time, which is this Sunday!!! Can't wait, can't wait, can't wait *rubbing my palms and smiling gleefully*

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Palm Beach Resort, Sematan

Hi all... for those of you who have been reading my blog (although no updates) for the past 3 months, I really need to apologize for my lack of inspiration in updating this blog. I guess it's never to late to start writing and posting again.

During this year's Hari Raya eve, few of my friends drove up to Lundu and Sematan just to take a break from our busy working life. Stop over at the famous kolo mee stall at the old Batu Kawa market to fill our tummies before we embark on this momentous journey. The kolo mee was indeed yummylicious but the highlight was the meatballs that were served together with the noodles. Omigosh... once you sink your teeth into these meatballs, you can feel the juices squirt out. It's better than any peanut butter sandwich (peanut butter's my favourite).

After an hours drive, we arrived at Sematan bazaar. Nothing much to see here except for 2 rows of old wooden shops. There is a jetty here where people/tourist can hop onto sampans to go to the little no-man islands.

Departing boat

After that we continued our journey to Palm Beach Resort. The resort at first sight was indeed serene and welcoming. It's not the normal 5-star resort where there are 300 rooms and 40 chalets to choose from. It's just a simple yet colourful resort, where they provide some recreational activities like kayaking, cycling, walla climbing, and even diving and snorklling (but i reckon that you can see anything underwater as the water here is not crystal clear).

There are 4 room types here. Detached chalet (4 pax) will set you back RM330 during peak season. Quadruplex Chalet and Terrace Twin both for 2 pax will cost you RM180 per night each. While Terrace Family for 6 pax is the most expensive with RM390.

2 kayaks, a palm tree and the sea

Green green grass

Orange chalet

Pink chalet

I just could not resist putting up this photo because of the colour fusion

Sandwich during tea break....mmm....