Sunday, April 23, 2006

Dawn of May

It's only a week to the end of April and the start of May. Wow! How fast time flies... How many of you out there knows exactly what have you done and achieved these four months? As for me, I don't think I have achieved anything spectacular. One main reason being the fact that my job is depriving me of all fun activities that I would love to join. For two months I'll be in night shift, then for the next two months I'll be in dayshift. Sigh~~~ Except for the $$$, there's nothing else which is keeping me going here. God help me! I need an exodus from this Land of Misery :(

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Movies 2006

It's been more than a week since I last blogged. Sorry~~~
I was just too busy and tired at work, so when I reached home, I'd hit my bed straightaway. Sigh~~~ My life ( although i think I don't have one) is quite boring at times, that is why I feel very strongly of quitting my current job and start a new career path which isn't so stressful and taxing to the body.

Ok... ok... I'll quit being a sourpuss and stop whining now.

Here are a few movies which are on my must-watch-movies-of-2006 list.

1. The Fast and The Furious: Tokyo Drift (aka 3 Fast 3 Furious)

2. The Da Vinci Code (aka Dan Brown's masterpiece)

3. Mission Impossible 3 (aka Tom Cruise's last impossible mission)

4. X-Men III: The Last Stand (Wolverine is back!!!)

5. Superman Returns (aka Superhero in Red CK)

6. Pirates of the Carribean 2: Dead Man's Chest (more funny pirate actions)

7. Spiderman 3 (aka black widow spider this time around)

Hope these movies are able to live up to their expectations.
See u at the movies.

Friday, April 14, 2006

Good Friday

Today all Christians around the world observe Good Friday. It is a day where we remember Christ Jesus who died for us on the cross, not as a sinner but as a saviour, to save us sinners from the fire of hell.

Thank you Jesus!!!

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Sit-up bench

Yay!!! I am happy today. I just bought myself a sit-up bench. Although it's quite expensive, I am still happy with the purchase. Bought it from Alpha Titan at a discounted price of RM220 (original price RM280). Finally I can do my bench presses and sit-ups at home in my room much to my own privacy.

I have always wanted a sit-up bench because I can do the basic exercise without having to drive all the way to the gym (FYI, the gym I go to is now about 15 mins drive from my house). Been slacking since I started my night shift... Can see the "effect" physically, it's not me growing sideways, but overall my body shrunk. So I have decided to make some decisions and take some actions before my body continues to shrink.


I just finished pumping some irons although the alarm clock on my table reads boundaries.....anytime, anywhere!!!

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Can the blue wagon be stopped?

Entering the home stretch of this season's Premier League. Chelsea has been strong and sitting at the pinnacle of the league for almost the entire season. Tonight they face off with releagtion strugglers Birmingham City. Will Steve Bruce's boys able to stop the multi-millionaires of Roman Abrahamovic? We'll soon find out tonight at St. Andrews Stadium.

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I am in a dilemma now...

To buy or not to buy a new camera...
To buy or not to buy a new chest of drawers...
To invest or not to invest in more unit trusts...
To love or not to love...

Oh sheesh...

Camera. I have always wanted a digital camera since I was still studying in uni. But at that time, financial constraint is really the big issue for not being able to get myself a camera.

Drawers. I need these drawers to keep the stuffs which have been lying on the floor in my room since I moved into my new house. Most of these things are still kept in boxes but honestly I think they are piling up.

Unit trusts. It's always wise to invest your money at the earlier stage of your life because it really does make a hell lot of a difference. But one minor drawback for unit trusts is that its return is slow.

Love. Love is beautiful. Love is forgiving. Love is colorful. Love is magical... But where's love when you wanted it the most. When you are at your lowest point of your life, where's the love? People say, "True love hurts" Is that true? If love hurts so much, why do people still fall in love?