Thursday, July 27, 2006

The iriver has landed

Yeah, finally got my iriver this morning. The parcel was sent on Monday using Poslaju and arrived within 2 days.

Everything in a box

Iriver T30 MP3 Player •iriver earphones •USB 2.0 interface cable •Printed manual •Installation CD •Neck Strap

Lying motionless

Coming to live (nice shade of blue ^^)

Top view

iriver -- standing tall

iriver and my T630 (i know it's an old phone dy)

Quite small eh?

I have downloaded a few MP3 into my brand new iriver and I have to mention that the quality is as good as any Sony Discman.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

MP3 player

I bought an MP3 player at Bought it from the same guy who sold me my camera. I trusted the seller so this makes it so much easier to do business with him.

Ok ok, if you guys are wondering what brand if the player
Bought myself an iRiver T30 512MB MP3 player nia la. I know some of your must be asking "why buy this kind of cheap MP3 player. No LCD screen some more... tsk tsk tsk. So cheap skate". Well, to tell you the truth, I only want a player which can play me good quality MP3. I don't need an iPod (yet) cuz I already bought myself a PSP. If i want to watch movies on the move, I'll just bring along my PSP. Actually I bought the PSP to keep me awake while working during my night shift. But after bringing it to work once, I felt that it was just too big and bulky and not suitable to bring to work. So I have turned to an MP3 player to keep me awake in the fab.

I have yet to receive the parcel... but here are some specs and details of my iRiver MP3 player:

• Plays up to 17 hours of music*
• 512 MB of internal storage**
• Supports subscription music services
• Up to 24 hours of battery life
• Skip-free listening
• Voice recorder
• Record music from any source (no PC required)
• Plays MP3, WMA and OGG music files
• Enhanced 3D audio (supports SRS WOW™)
• 1 year warranty

Total damage: RM170 (inclusive of postage)

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Tagboard restored

Got my Streamyx connection back this morning (@#$% stooopid TMNet, only returned my broadband after 3 f**king days). My tagboard has been restored. So please chat freely ya?

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Friday, July 21, 2006


To my ardent blog readers,

U might be wondering why I changed the outlook of my blog. Well, I just wanted to experiment with different templates. I just felt that my previous outlook was too greenish (reminds people of Shrek...hahahaha). Oh well, guess what? I could make any ammendments for my present blog to look like my previous blog cuz i was deprived of internet connection at home (all thanks to TMNet). I couldn't log on to any websites for 2 freakin' days!!! Ah~~~ it's cruel!!!

Anyway, just to let your guys know that I will restore my tagboard, links and etc etc... after TMNet give me back my broadband.


Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Nothing to do

Yesterday was Monday. I spent the whole day at home doing nothing. Absolutely nothing. So while trying very hard to figure out what to do, I saw my camera lying so peacefully next to my bed. I grabbed it and went to my garden to capture some shots.

Flowers blossoming from the cactus plant

Even the baby cactus has a flower of its own

I wonder if it's lucky to see cactus sprouting flowers


Pink rose

Sweet smelling

Orchid plants dangling

Shack for flowers

Lit up garden

Saturday, July 15, 2006

still no luck

Tonight will be my last night for this week's working schedule. It's been pretty tiring to work 3 days continuously. But I can look forward to the 4 consecutive days off from sunday till wednesday.

I tried to downgrade my PSP again this morning but still.... to no avail.

There's a Mitsubishi Car Show at Kuching Waterfront which started from yesterday (14-Jul) till tomorrow (16-Jul). Wanted to go there and take some photos but don't think I have the time. Sad.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006


PSP - PlayStation Portable

Yeeeaaaahooooooo!!! Finally, I got myself a psp. Last Saturday, I had decided that no matter what happened on that day, I will get myself the psp which I have been salivating for more than a year already. Total damage was RM880 (PSP) + RM105 (Logitech Playgear Pocket and Stealth) + RM176 (Sony Memory Stick Pro Duo) = RM1161.

my precious

firmware v1.51

Logitech PlayGear Stealth

Powerful and precise audio from the earbuds

Logitech PlayGear Pocket

The clear polycarbonate shell with rubber inserts feels tough and durable

PSP sits nicely in the pocket

I have yet to play any games on my psp because i did not buy any original games which uses UMD format. These UMDs easily cost more than RM200 per disc. The PSP which I bought was using firmware (equivalent to computer's OS) v1.51. To play homebrew (simply means downloaded/not original) games, I have to upgrade my PSP to v2.00 then downgrade it to v1.50. I have tried to do that for many many times since but still failed. According to forums, this downgrading process is quite risky as it might "brick" your PSP. "Brick" is a term used to describe that your PSP has turned into a piece of useless brick. Hence, I have to be extra careful everytime I attempt to downgrade my PSP.

Wish me luck y'all.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Post RWMF2006

I went to the Rainforest World Musical Fest 2006 (RWMF2006) yesterday with one of my colleagues.... and.... *drumroll* IT WAS A BLAST!!!
Got there at around 5:30pm. Missed the workshops and shows but didn't really cared cuz I was there to enjoy the party at night.


When I arrived, most of the peeps there were savouring on their food at the food booths set up at different locations around the Sarawak Cultural Village. So me and my friend decided to stroll around to see see and look look.

mainstage under the watchful "eyes" of Mount Santubong

Come 7pm, the crowd of people started to fill the area in front of the mainstage. Actually there are 2 stages which were used by the performers to strut their stuffs, one main stage which is much bigger than the other stage.

choosing the best spot to watch the concert

But what really strike me was the setting and backdrop of the whole stage area. Behind the stages are tall green trees which really suits the rainforest theme.

The show started of with the local Sarawak band. Nothing to shout about here because I as a Sarawakian all my life and staying here all my life has grown accustomed to the "sape" and "ngajat". Then came the group from Canada, GENTICORUM which comprises of 3 French-speaking Canadian from Quebec. What impresses me the most of this group was that one of the guy which was playing the violin could actually tap both his feet while playing his violin stting down (oh boy his legs must be really tired). Halfway through, they invited KILEMA of Madagascar to play and sing with them. Like their music cuz it was really light and easy on the ears. The group from Mongolia was up next. Liked the Mongolian guy who could actually sing with his throat (khoomei - throat singing). He could actually produce notes which ranges a few octaves. The crowd was truly awed by his unique ability and applauded in appreciation. The group from Austria, HOTEL PALINDRONE performed after that. Me and my friend decided to take a break from the actions and walk around the area. When we came back, our very own MALAYSIAN DHOL FEDERATION performed. Their tablas brought the temperature at the whole area to the next level. Everyone below the stage were dancing to the fantastic beat of the punjab music. AWESOME!!! The beat was slightly toned down when the Latinos and Latina from Columbia performed their latin songs. They even perform the ever-so-famous "Guantanamera".

crowd going wild

The last group to perform that night was PEATBOG PAERIES from Scotland. One thing I find quite amusing bout this group is that the lead singer actually wore kilts, but to me I find it more to be like a "sarong".

Party ended at 11:30pm. Went for supper with my colleague and headed back to home.

Details of the performers can be viewed here

Friday, July 07, 2006


Tonight will be the grand opening of the Rainforest World Music Festival 2006 at Sarawak Cultural Village. This Musical event will be held from 7 till 9 July. I will try to go with one of my colleagues tomorrow or Sunday to experience for the first time what rainforest music is like ;)

for more details of RWMF2006, please click here

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Finals 2006

Well it's Italian pizzas vs French fries for the 2006 World Cup Finals. And for the 3rd/4th placing, it'll be the host nation, German beer vs Portugese tarts. Are u diggin me?



Let's hope this year's winner will not be decided by penalties. Penalties I think are pure luck. Luck of the keeper and also luck of the penalty takers. It's 50/50 when it comes to penalties. It's just cruel to decide a once-in-four-years-FIFA-World-Cup winner like that. It just ain't right.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Now or Never

Italians and Germans - Clash of the Titans
Early this morning, millions of German hearts were broken by the mighty Italians. The Germans matched the Italians in all departments at all times except the last 2 mins of the game. Fabio Grosso slotted in the winner 2 minutes from the end of extra time while Alessandro Del Piero rubbed salt onto the wound at the last minute by slotting home the 2nd goal.

Grosso curls in a stunner Del Piero scores
The Germans who packed the stadium could not believe what had happened within those 2 mins. Moments before that, they were chanting their national athem as they anticipated another penalty shootout to determine the team which would march to the 2006 FIFA World Cup Finals.

Podolski stares into blank Klinsmann consoles Ballack
After the final whistle had gone, all the Germans cried, Ballack cried, Lehmann cried, Podolski cried, Klose cried... You might be wondering why on earth are the Germans so sad and dejected. Well, let me tell you this, if they had won this match, they are only 90 minutes a way from the FIFA World Cup Trophy. That is how close they are away from emerging Champions. So this time around, just like the 2002 edition of the FIFA World Cup, the Germans left with nothing except a 3rd or 4th placing which will be determined come this 8th July. They have to wait for another 4 years to have another shot at the trophy.

Ok, enough of Germany vs. Italy. Let's focus on tomorrow morning's clash between 1998 winners France and Portugal. France came into this World Cup without the form which won them the 1998 World Cup and the 2000 European Cup. They even drew with minnows South Korea and barely made it through to the 2nd round. But things changed when they beat Spain 3-1 at the last 16. That win not only boosted their morale but also installed them as favourites for tonight's match. Portugal on the other hand are trying to reach the Finals for a second time after 1966. Their last match against pre-tournament favourite England were not short of any dramas. That match ended 0-0 after extra time and Portugal won 3-1 on penalties.

England's Wayne Rooney was sent off in that match for allegedly stepping on Portugal's Ricardo Carvalho. Beckham was substituted due to injury and gave up his captain's armband after that match. Christiano Ronaldo scored the winning goal during the penalty shootout and many say that he will not have the chance of returning to England and play for Manchester United. Anyway, put on your jerseys and look forward to tonight's mouth-watering clash.

France vs Portugal - 3am (local time +8 GMT)
My take : Portugal wins

Monday, July 03, 2006


For those who have been wondering where the hell have I been, I am sorry to play numb for the past one month. For those who have not even noticed that I have been gone that long, oh well, you are doing just fine. I have been really lazy to post anything here then. But I will start blogging again.

Yesterday I went to the annual KCBA ICT Expo 2006 which was held at Permata Carpark Building (same building where you can find Topspot - Kuching seafood heaven).

It was a 3-day Expo which houses 34 Exhibitors which mainly comprised of the Computer dealers in Kuching. There are also participants from other industries like TelCo, Office Automation (O-Auto), Audio Visual (AV), Security Surveillance and Banking. I went there at around 1pm, and I tell you, Kuchingites are flooding the Expo area like mad. And of course there were many pretty sales girls at the booths. (pardon me for not bringing my camera to the expo)

I bought a D-Link 802.11g/2.4GHz Wireless Router and a D-Link Wireless G Desktop Adapter... In other words, I can call myself a wi-fi user.

Also bought a 1GB Apacer pendrive... hehe... now I can save loads and loads of rubbish and pass it around. :Þ

I wanted to get a new PC to replace my aging PC but due to financial constraints, I'll just have to look forward to KCBA ICT Expo 2007.