Friday, July 21, 2006


To my ardent blog readers,

U might be wondering why I changed the outlook of my blog. Well, I just wanted to experiment with different templates. I just felt that my previous outlook was too greenish (reminds people of Shrek...hahahaha). Oh well, guess what? I could make any ammendments for my present blog to look like my previous blog cuz i was deprived of internet connection at home (all thanks to TMNet). I couldn't log on to any websites for 2 freakin' days!!! Ah~~~ it's cruel!!!

Anyway, just to let your guys know that I will restore my tagboard, links and etc etc... after TMNet give me back my broadband.



a2blog said...

poor baby..

helen said...

poor thing! bad TMnet!! >.>"

Louis said...

yeah... lousy TMNet :(