Monday, July 03, 2006


For those who have been wondering where the hell have I been, I am sorry to play numb for the past one month. For those who have not even noticed that I have been gone that long, oh well, you are doing just fine. I have been really lazy to post anything here then. But I will start blogging again.

Yesterday I went to the annual KCBA ICT Expo 2006 which was held at Permata Carpark Building (same building where you can find Topspot - Kuching seafood heaven).

It was a 3-day Expo which houses 34 Exhibitors which mainly comprised of the Computer dealers in Kuching. There are also participants from other industries like TelCo, Office Automation (O-Auto), Audio Visual (AV), Security Surveillance and Banking. I went there at around 1pm, and I tell you, Kuchingites are flooding the Expo area like mad. And of course there were many pretty sales girls at the booths. (pardon me for not bringing my camera to the expo)

I bought a D-Link 802.11g/2.4GHz Wireless Router and a D-Link Wireless G Desktop Adapter... In other words, I can call myself a wi-fi user.

Also bought a 1GB Apacer pendrive... hehe... now I can save loads and loads of rubbish and pass it around. :Þ

I wanted to get a new PC to replace my aging PC but due to financial constraints, I'll just have to look forward to KCBA ICT Expo 2007.


a2blog said...

hoho.. dude.. u bought it finally!

Louis said...

yeah... bought it but have not set it up