Thursday, July 27, 2006

The iriver has landed

Yeah, finally got my iriver this morning. The parcel was sent on Monday using Poslaju and arrived within 2 days.

Everything in a box

Iriver T30 MP3 Player •iriver earphones •USB 2.0 interface cable •Printed manual •Installation CD •Neck Strap

Lying motionless

Coming to live (nice shade of blue ^^)

Top view

iriver -- standing tall

iriver and my T630 (i know it's an old phone dy)

Quite small eh?

I have downloaded a few MP3 into my brand new iriver and I have to mention that the quality is as good as any Sony Discman.


Ang Gu Gu said...
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Ang Gu Gu said...

im also a common user of lelong =) nice player u had there..worth the price

Pink Cotton said...

helo! *waves*

fyi,im linking to your site from my blog k?hehehe

a2blog said...

i want i want too... not the mp3.. but pink cotton.. :P

Pink Cotton said...

a2blog:wahh..hak si wa...tot want wat...LOL


a2blog said...

haha.. pink cotton: wat did i do to hak u oh?

best4chance said...

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Louis said...

hoi...a2blog and pink cotton, what are u two doing here?

a2blog said...

visiting ur blog lo lou boy

Louis said...

a2blog, u hitting on pink cotton?

a2blog said...

lou boy.. i m hitting on the pole

robbinshood said...

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