Saturday, May 20, 2006


Went to Bla Bla Bla to have dinner with my colleagues last night. Ordered 5 dishes: SzeChuan Soup, Salad Midin, Seafood Tofu, Cheshewnut Prawn and Drunken Duck. Surprisingly the food is one of the best I have tasted for quite a while. Highly recommended! (All the mentioned dishes are signature dishes of Bla Bla Bla)

this is the yummylicious midin (local vege) with parmesan cheese on top

This is one of the signature dish...taste fantastic

Prawn with cheschewnut and butter.....sluuuurrrpp~~~

Drunken duck... so so only... perhaps we were all too full to savour its taste.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Kuching City

Today, while waiting for Mission Impossible 3 to start, I managed to capture a couple of photos of Kuching from the 9th floor (about 60 meters from the ground) of the carpark building . This is especially for those who have not been to Kuching and who were still wondering if the people here still live in trees and carry out headhunting.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Happy Mother's Day

Wanna wish all mothers, especially my mom, a very Happy Mothers' Day!!!

This year, I just bought a cake for my dear mom and boy the prices for cakes this year have increased again (blame it on the fuel price hike).

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Digital Camera

Guess what? I have finally gotten my digital camera!!!!

It's a OLYMPUS FE-140. (click here for details)

Let me refresh your memory a little. I have purchased (actually I bidded for this camera at a local online auction, and this is the first time I bidded for something or anything) a digital camera about 10 days ago. The seller was someone from Selangor. So after paying him the money, I waited day by day for my first online purchase to arrive. But after a week, I still have not received my stuff. "Damn"(with a capital "D") I told myself. "Have I been conned online???" Nowadays, you just can't be sure of anything anymore... esp if it's ONLINE. But I am still praying that my virgin online bid would turn out to be smooth and hassle free.

And finally after a long and agonizing wait, a parcel arrived in a yellow PosLaju van on Thursday afternoon, and it's for ME!!!

I did not get the open the parcel myself as I was at work at that time. My sis "sms"ed me to inform me of the parcel. I told her to open up the box to check if the seller did send everything I asked for (I bought another charger with 4 AA batts and a 256 xD Flash Card). After a while she "sms"ed again...

"Ko, everything is here and OK"

"Phew... Thank God!"

When I got home, like a little boy who got his first bicycle, I opened the box and played with camera. I tested it with a few shots with different functions... Hmmm.... Not bad at all.

So this morning when I woke up, the first thing I did when I climbed out of bed was turn on my camera and started snapping photos of things around my house which I think would make nice photos.

Check out the few photos below (click to enlarge) and please leave your comments:

Heart of the flower

White flowers (don't ask me bout the name of this species)

Water droplets on leaves


Wednesday, May 10, 2006

New Life

Last week, I got myself a digital camera from, but it has yet to arrive. Buzzed the seller last night and this morning he told me that he had left it in the shop ( what the lame excuse). His attitude in handling my purchase is really starting to make me feel worried. What if he turns out to be an online conman? If that's really the case, then I shall say "bye-bye" to my few hundred bucks. But I am still keeping my hopes alive. Cross my fingers and toes and pray that I will be able to get my camera by this week.

Got myself a cabinet and an office chair to put in my room. I consider them good buys because my room has been lacking these 2 items since I moved into my new house. So you can say that these 2 items really completed my room.

Ok... let's start with the cabinet. It's not a big cabinet but just enough to store all my stuffs which have been lying on the floor in my room since I moved in. Actually when I bought it from the furniture shop, it was labelled as "Shoe cabinet". But I really liked it cuz of its design. Glossy dark brown overall compliments the other furniture in my room.

The office chair is one cool chair. It looks modern (or at least I think it's modern). The seat where I will be resting my butt is covered with leather. It's not any leather, it's the type of leather where it'll keep your butt cheeks nice and cool throughout your adventure while sitting down.

Overall, I am quite happy with my purchase.

Nice way to celebrate my birthday!