Wednesday, May 10, 2006

New Life

Last week, I got myself a digital camera from, but it has yet to arrive. Buzzed the seller last night and this morning he told me that he had left it in the shop ( what the lame excuse). His attitude in handling my purchase is really starting to make me feel worried. What if he turns out to be an online conman? If that's really the case, then I shall say "bye-bye" to my few hundred bucks. But I am still keeping my hopes alive. Cross my fingers and toes and pray that I will be able to get my camera by this week.

Got myself a cabinet and an office chair to put in my room. I consider them good buys because my room has been lacking these 2 items since I moved into my new house. So you can say that these 2 items really completed my room.

Ok... let's start with the cabinet. It's not a big cabinet but just enough to store all my stuffs which have been lying on the floor in my room since I moved in. Actually when I bought it from the furniture shop, it was labelled as "Shoe cabinet". But I really liked it cuz of its design. Glossy dark brown overall compliments the other furniture in my room.

The office chair is one cool chair. It looks modern (or at least I think it's modern). The seat where I will be resting my butt is covered with leather. It's not any leather, it's the type of leather where it'll keep your butt cheeks nice and cool throughout your adventure while sitting down.

Overall, I am quite happy with my purchase.

Nice way to celebrate my birthday!

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