Saturday, May 13, 2006

Digital Camera

Guess what? I have finally gotten my digital camera!!!!

It's a OLYMPUS FE-140. (click here for details)

Let me refresh your memory a little. I have purchased (actually I bidded for this camera at a local online auction, and this is the first time I bidded for something or anything) a digital camera about 10 days ago. The seller was someone from Selangor. So after paying him the money, I waited day by day for my first online purchase to arrive. But after a week, I still have not received my stuff. "Damn"(with a capital "D") I told myself. "Have I been conned online???" Nowadays, you just can't be sure of anything anymore... esp if it's ONLINE. But I am still praying that my virgin online bid would turn out to be smooth and hassle free.

And finally after a long and agonizing wait, a parcel arrived in a yellow PosLaju van on Thursday afternoon, and it's for ME!!!

I did not get the open the parcel myself as I was at work at that time. My sis "sms"ed me to inform me of the parcel. I told her to open up the box to check if the seller did send everything I asked for (I bought another charger with 4 AA batts and a 256 xD Flash Card). After a while she "sms"ed again...

"Ko, everything is here and OK"

"Phew... Thank God!"

When I got home, like a little boy who got his first bicycle, I opened the box and played with camera. I tested it with a few shots with different functions... Hmmm.... Not bad at all.

So this morning when I woke up, the first thing I did when I climbed out of bed was turn on my camera and started snapping photos of things around my house which I think would make nice photos.

Check out the few photos below (click to enlarge) and please leave your comments:

Heart of the flower

White flowers (don't ask me bout the name of this species)

Water droplets on leaves



a2blog said...

I like the first one.. very nice.. Like the creativity.. very lively.. ;)

good work dude!

Louis said...

Thank you. I have no skills when it comes to photo taking. As u know, this is my very first camera.

"show me the force, Obi-Wan"

a2blog said...

show you the penguin..