Thursday, July 06, 2006

Finals 2006

Well it's Italian pizzas vs French fries for the 2006 World Cup Finals. And for the 3rd/4th placing, it'll be the host nation, German beer vs Portugese tarts. Are u diggin me?



Let's hope this year's winner will not be decided by penalties. Penalties I think are pure luck. Luck of the keeper and also luck of the penalty takers. It's 50/50 when it comes to penalties. It's just cruel to decide a once-in-four-years-FIFA-World-Cup winner like that. It just ain't right.

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Soon Hui said...

Hi, it's really nice to see you blog about soccer! Yeah, and I am suprised by your knowledge on food! Please do bring me around for food when I'm in Kuching...hhahaa