Wednesday, July 12, 2006


PSP - PlayStation Portable

Yeeeaaaahooooooo!!! Finally, I got myself a psp. Last Saturday, I had decided that no matter what happened on that day, I will get myself the psp which I have been salivating for more than a year already. Total damage was RM880 (PSP) + RM105 (Logitech Playgear Pocket and Stealth) + RM176 (Sony Memory Stick Pro Duo) = RM1161.

my precious

firmware v1.51

Logitech PlayGear Stealth

Powerful and precise audio from the earbuds

Logitech PlayGear Pocket

The clear polycarbonate shell with rubber inserts feels tough and durable

PSP sits nicely in the pocket

I have yet to play any games on my psp because i did not buy any original games which uses UMD format. These UMDs easily cost more than RM200 per disc. The PSP which I bought was using firmware (equivalent to computer's OS) v1.51. To play homebrew (simply means downloaded/not original) games, I have to upgrade my PSP to v2.00 then downgrade it to v1.50. I have tried to do that for many many times since but still failed. According to forums, this downgrading process is quite risky as it might "brick" your PSP. "Brick" is a term used to describe that your PSP has turned into a piece of useless brick. Hence, I have to be extra careful everytime I attempt to downgrade my PSP.

Wish me luck y'all.


Pink Cotton said...

*envious look*

heeheheheeh..I WANT I WANT!can i borrow to play???wahahaah

psp seems erm...more like a MAN'S TOY...hehe..i m eyeing nintendo DS!!! in PINK , that is :D

Louis said...

hehe... wanna play ah?
sure... anytime ^^

nintendo DS, neat!let me play too when u get one (",)