Tuesday, July 25, 2006

MP3 player

I bought an MP3 player at lelong.com.my. Bought it from the same guy who sold me my camera. I trusted the seller so this makes it so much easier to do business with him.

Ok ok, if you guys are wondering what brand if the player
Bought myself an iRiver T30 512MB MP3 player nia la. I know some of your must be asking "why buy this kind of cheap MP3 player. No LCD screen some more... tsk tsk tsk. So cheap skate". Well, to tell you the truth, I only want a player which can play me good quality MP3. I don't need an iPod (yet) cuz I already bought myself a PSP. If i want to watch movies on the move, I'll just bring along my PSP. Actually I bought the PSP to keep me awake while working during my night shift. But after bringing it to work once, I felt that it was just too big and bulky and not suitable to bring to work. So I have turned to an MP3 player to keep me awake in the fab.

I have yet to receive the parcel... but here are some specs and details of my iRiver MP3 player:

• Plays up to 17 hours of music*
• 512 MB of internal storage**
• Supports subscription music services
• Up to 24 hours of battery life
• Skip-free listening
• Voice recorder
• Record music from any source (no PC required)
• Plays MP3, WMA and OGG music files
• Enhanced 3D audio (supports SRS WOW™)
• 1 year warranty

Total damage: RM170 (inclusive of postage)


Pink Cotton said...

wow...never heard of lelong.com.my...but i bought sth from lowyat.net :P

so daring ah u...buy such an expensive stuff from the internet ..heh

Louis said...

i bought my camera for RM800 from lelong.com.my

a2blog said...

pink cotton.. u shud read more of mag.. and surf more on the net. it helps a lot! :P

lou babeh.. no pixie?

Louis said...

allen, i have yet to receive my player. will post the photos once i get it (most probably later today) *YAY*