Tuesday, November 21, 2006

TMNUT sucks

You and I have heard many times that the broadband users in Malaysia complain about the sercive by our most dominant local ISP "TMNUT Screamyx". Well I came across the following ads while surfing the net today:

Malaysia's broadband sucks - RedesignMalaysia.com

And a few days back I came across this link while surfing a local forum website. It's the whole process where an extremely frustrated and short-fused guy (Mr. Chua) called up TMNUT's service line 1-300-88-9515 to complain bout his inability to connect to the internet. Here, Mr. Chua simply demonstrates how fierce and unethical a small handful of Malaysians can be. He barked vulgarities at the poor Operator-who-could-only-say-OK-OK-and-frustrated-Mr.Chua. TMNUT has really gotta give the shift supervisor Mr. Kumaran a payrise. Not only did he kept his composure while facing with the hot-tempered Mr.Chua, he also managed to save some face for TMNUT. Kudos Kumaran!

Hope you all will enjoy the shouting and barking!

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