Sunday, November 12, 2006

Palm Beach Resort, Sematan

Hi all... for those of you who have been reading my blog (although no updates) for the past 3 months, I really need to apologize for my lack of inspiration in updating this blog. I guess it's never to late to start writing and posting again.

During this year's Hari Raya eve, few of my friends drove up to Lundu and Sematan just to take a break from our busy working life. Stop over at the famous kolo mee stall at the old Batu Kawa market to fill our tummies before we embark on this momentous journey. The kolo mee was indeed yummylicious but the highlight was the meatballs that were served together with the noodles. Omigosh... once you sink your teeth into these meatballs, you can feel the juices squirt out. It's better than any peanut butter sandwich (peanut butter's my favourite).

After an hours drive, we arrived at Sematan bazaar. Nothing much to see here except for 2 rows of old wooden shops. There is a jetty here where people/tourist can hop onto sampans to go to the little no-man islands.

Departing boat

After that we continued our journey to Palm Beach Resort. The resort at first sight was indeed serene and welcoming. It's not the normal 5-star resort where there are 300 rooms and 40 chalets to choose from. It's just a simple yet colourful resort, where they provide some recreational activities like kayaking, cycling, walla climbing, and even diving and snorklling (but i reckon that you can see anything underwater as the water here is not crystal clear).

There are 4 room types here. Detached chalet (4 pax) will set you back RM330 during peak season. Quadruplex Chalet and Terrace Twin both for 2 pax will cost you RM180 per night each. While Terrace Family for 6 pax is the most expensive with RM390.

2 kayaks, a palm tree and the sea

Green green grass

Orange chalet

Pink chalet

I just could not resist putting up this photo because of the colour fusion

Sandwich during tea break....mmm....


cal81 said...

Hey,welcome back from MIA....
been to palm beach too... not bad eh

Soon Hui said...

Lundu Sematan! I stayed at Sematan for 4 years before moving to Kuching, don't know how is it now..