Sunday, November 26, 2006

Car show at Damai Lagoon carpark

My friend called me up this morning and asked me if I wanted to joined to see a car show. So after going to church that morning, I met up with him and took a ride in his kewl BMW 5 series to Damai Lagoon.
On our way to Damai, we saw a few Evos and Stis heading in the opposite direction. We were like "Shyt... the car show must have ended!" But what the heck, we continued our journey...
And this is what we saw when reached Damai Lagoon carpark...

Jewel of the car show... stock Subaru WRX with full PRODRIVE bodykit

Huge and bad rear spoiler

18" rims wrapped around in Yokohama high performance tires

Lean, mean and devilish engine... even the car plate number spells "DEVIL"

sweet "6-star" badge

Huge air scoop that can eat up anything

camouflaged - cheetah in snake skin

interior is just as "hidden" as the exterior

these woofers can pump out quite a handsome bass

be scared, be really scared of these spiders

Apart from these two jewels, the rest were protons and kancils which are not worth mentioning here. Hope that there will be more car shows which exhibit more pimped rides in the near future.


babyphoenix said...

wow.. nice shots!

Louis said...

thanks girl!