Tuesday, January 20, 2009


This is a photo of my best buddy, Steven and his lovely daughter Chloe.

You close your eyes and I have to check to make sure your still breathing.
You open your eyes and look at me and I feel the innocence and love radiate from your very being.
You are the purest of all souls, the untouched, the ultimately loved.
You are free from pain, from hardships, from lie, from anger.
You are a free soul.
Unchecked by greed, by wrongdoing, by sin.
You are everything good.
You are the smallest part of me, but the biggest part of my heart.
You are.
You are mine.
You are.
You are a tiny, just born baby.

Poem by By Michelle Aspinall


allen said...

reminds me of nokia start up screen. :D

Louis said...

spot on allen...human technology!

Stitch said...

Love this shot!!! nice!!

Louis said...

hey stitch!!!!!!! thanks...but when are u gonna revive your blog???

Steven Au said...

Thanks mate. Really cool:)

Louis said...

hey mate! no prob...
i want to take more shots of u and chloe in the future...