Sunday, January 18, 2009

Anna & Jin & Happily Ever After... - Part 2

As promised... here are more photos from Anna and Jin's big day.

Arriving at groom's house (which is also the couple's)

Isn't she lovely?

Nuptial blessings

Serving tea for parents and in-laws

Being served tea by younger relatives

Kids just wanna have fun

Dude, where's my bride?

过门 ceremony

Exchanging 汤圆- symbol of eternal unity

Taking off the veil and hairpins.... no sweat for Jin

Anna playing her role as a good wifey

Jin with his bradas...

Anna with her gang

Family portrait


Stay tuned for more in Part 3...


Back at Anna's house for tea ceremony


allen said...

oops.. someone was cropped out from the family portrait on the left..

be more cautious next time. ;-)

Louis said...

which one? i didn't do any croppings. the photos were like this when i took them.

Louis said...

oh yeah...i was using 50mm F/1.8 for that shot.

allen said...

This one.. You didn't crop anything, but you crop it off while you were composing from your camera..

This kind of things happen often when we take group photos.

allen said...

my apologies. i tot u were using 18-55mm.. and shooting at 18mm..
i was just pointing out there are some mistakes when we frame a group photo.

i sometimes missed out on the ppl at the side. :)