Tuesday, October 09, 2007

sure you don't wanna go?

About a month ago, when I was having my holiday at KL, my boss called me up and asked me this question, "Eh, our company plan to send you to Japan for training, do you wanna go?".

"what's the catch?" (because after 2.5 years working in this company, I know that windfall does not just fall like that on your doorstep)

And true enough, he said, "No catch la, just go there for 2-week training then the company gonna bond you for 3 years..."

"What the fuck man! Go for 2 weeks, bond for 3 FUCKING YEARS!!!!???? No way I wanna go."

At first my boss tried to persuade me to go for this training by saying that it's good for my future (do I even have future here, I wonder), this course will increase my personal development value, chance of a lifetime ... and blah blah blah... But after seeing no chance of me giving in, he asked another colleague of mine to go.

Phew, I thought it was over.

And last Thursday morning, my boss' supervisor (in other words bigger boss) asked me again after morning meeting if I would change my mind to go for this Japan training. As cold as ice, I said "No" because to me it just would not make sense to go for 2 weeks and get your ass bonded for 3 years. Gosh...

I have no regrets though cuz I know that my future lies elsewhere...

"Health, Happiness, and Success... yeah right"
*the chant that i learned over the weekend at our team building course conducted by Dato' Lawrence Chan over at Santubong Kuching Resort*

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