Sunday, December 28, 2008

Cape No.7

Official Movie Trailer

There was a great hype about this movie in Taiwan. Almost every Taiwanese will ask me if I have watched this movie. So to satisfy my own curiosity and their inquiry, me and my friends decided to watch it at the cinema while we were at XiMenTing.

Photo taken using my w810i

Movie tickets are priced at ~RM20. Expensive...but boh pien....

Details of the movie ~ [please click here]

It has broken all movie records in taiwan, left right up down... so my verdict of the movie...

It's a good movie overall. The thing that I like about this movie is that it brings out the emotions, the music and the wonderful beaches at KenTing (墾丁) Beach. To all of you movie buffs out there, this movie is certainly a catch. (Enjoy Chie Tanaka's accent... me likey)

Enjoy the following OST from Cape No.7

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