Saturday, September 05, 2009

RX-78 SD Came Out To Play

Since I had no plans this morning, I decided to bring one of my Gunplas out for a photo shoot. When I picked RX-78NT-1 Alex SD, he was damn excited.

Once we reached out destination, he immediately climbed up a tree. Never knew he was a tree climber.

This tough guy even dared to point his BOWA·Norfolk XBR-L Type-3 beam rifle at me... tsk tsk tsk.

After a while, he decided to come down and play on the ground.

And since there were so many flowers on the ground, he then told me he wanted to lie down on the bed of dunno-what-flowers. I obligingly followed him... To my surprise, RX-78NT-1 has a weird fetish, he likes to put a flower between his stumpy legs when he is resting.


Ok, enough of fooling around, it's time to get back to business. He pulled out the flower and decided to use it as his prop for his photoshoot.


With a flower in one hand, and a sword in another, he whispered to me that he is ready to go see his sweetheart and propose to her. With a heavy heart, I let him go... Hoping that one day, he will come back to me with his partner and his little ones. All the best RX-78NT-1 Alex!

The end.

p/s Thanks to for helping out during the shoot. :)


cal81 said...

time to get ur SD a female companion, hehe =p

Louis said...

yupe yupe... i wanna get strike rouge SD(if there's any) to keep him companied. :)

cal81 said...

ha, i dun think there's a SD version for strike rouge...maybe u can get the strike SD & ask valen to help airbrush it to the strike rouge color scheme =)

Louis said...

[cal] hahaha... or i'll just get a HG version of the rouge. but i wonder how he feels standing to a female twice his height. LOL!

ahlost said...

sho cute !!

Louis said...

[ahlost] hahaha... tengkiu. more to come. stay tuned!

Anonymous said...

you are so creative... :)

Louis said...

thank you christina! :)

ET女子 said...

i collected 8 gundam sd oredy~~~~
they are so cute~~~~

kallyempire said...

yaaa! too cute to be true! good things RX-78NT-1 is not coming for me~ i'll fall