Saturday, November 03, 2007


I came across this article a few days ago and i am totally tulan about Datuk Ahmad Husni Mohamad Hanadzlah. Wondering who this "toot" is? Doesn't really matter who he is but what he said is the topic here.


The Malaysian government has really gotta wake up one of these days la. Can you be so naive to think that by giving the exclusive ownerships of APs to bumiputeras will "help" to develop Bumiputera entrepreneurs capable of competing and achieving progress in the automotive industry?????

This is 100% pure bullshit.

When is the government gonna stop spoon feeding these lazy bums? Why can't the government let them walk on their own and along their way learn from their mistakes. If non-bumiputeras can survive, I don't see the reason why bumiputeras cannot survive in the real world.

Wake up Datuk! Do you think we are still blind and stupid? Everyday you come and promote "fair-trade" but when come to APs, sorry-lah bang, hanya untuk Melayu saja (translated: sorry bro, only for Malays).



Jimmy CHAI said...

it's interesting about aboriginal people. When i was little (really little), i read a book, which was actually published in Singapore, but not Malaysia, because the author was Mahathir. The book/issues were about this bumiputra. He actually brought up this controversial topics, blended with global views, discussing his personal view and reinforced the contrast of various aboriginal people across countries.

In a well-developed country, once you work, and reach 18, every two weeks, Australians can gain access to centrelink, which provide them money to spend. Specifically for the aboriginal people, such as those live in Redfern in New South Wales, the gov for ages have built house, giving out money,free internet broadband, provide equal or better chances in edu and business, name all the good things under the heaven, they are just aborignals, a piece of shit. You line them up, from Oxford streets those selling marijuana, or from others of other places, you make a monument of shit.

No one actually understands why they don't want to help themselves, eating what has been spoon-fed!

Likewise those in Malaysia, what if the leadership all fell into the hand of Lee kwang yaw? What kind of country would it be today? or Brunei? Using economic growth as an index of success, the color and ethnics background just has to be ruled out first. If all black can think or see like those successful American black, as they see themselves just Americans, this place can be a better place.

Before i go, i visited an indian friend in university of new south wales, and she lives with four other flatmates , so 5 together in 3-storey flat, it's a good place. And the four flatmates, were all from Malaysia, sponsored...not to mention all those with my cousin in Russia doing med, sponsored...i just know one thing, except the rubbish edu received after grade 6 till the end of high school, i received nothing but to work out myself in everything. That's a Chinese story, 3rd generation, born in Malaysia.

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