Sunday, March 15, 2009

Secret Garden Cafe

Pardon the sakai-nees in me when it comes to good food around Kuching City. But thanks to my bradaa and sistaa, I was introduced to a few nice eating outlets in Kuching which have been around since erm... forever.

Went to this food cafe with my bradaa and sistaa about a month ago... Secret Garden Cafe (not a secret after this I guess). It's located along Jalan Padungan (near the big white cat statue).

I ordered butter chicken rice (highly recommended by bradaa) and it was mmmmmm..... very GOOD!

Damage done : (don't quite remember but I think it's around RM6~RM8...which isn't too expensive)

Will definitely go back to try the other food on the menu...


Soon Hui said...

Wu Ah.... how come everyone likes makan

Louis said...

cuz everyone's hungry......>.<