Saturday, March 21, 2009

Shame-less James

This video was recorded from a live interview between Sarawak's Land Development Minister, Datuk James Masing and an al-Jazeera reporter. This interview touched on the very sensitive yet interesting topic of how Sarawak's development mega projects are linked directly and indirectly to the man who has held the helm of Sarawak's politics for almost 30 years, non other than our "beloved" Pehin Sri Datuk Patinggi Abdul Taib Mahmud. He was actually invited to be interviewed but I think he chickened out cuz there's no way that he could runaway from questions which touched on his and his family's involvement in obtaining Sarawak mega projects through Sarawak Energy and Titanium.

What about the indegenious people that lived there, who lost their livelihood, lost their homes?
Well, not quite lose their homes. They are resettled into new areas which have trends towards modern development. That's what we are trying to do.


How much isthe construction of these new dams linked to boosting the family business for the Chief Minister's family?
I..I don't think there is. (wtf)

Is CMS in any other way linked to this project?
Not that I am aware of..... (fck... liar liar, pants of fire!)

Are you trying to say that there's no capital cronyism in Sarawak?
I don't think so... If there is, those who dealt with it will be dealt by the law. (omg, he can tell a lie straight into the TV camera! Respect! Salute!)

Sigh, I feel sorry for those people who have to live the lies of this so-called good leaders of the state. May God himself bring true justice to these IDIOTS!


Soon Hui said...

Oh my... what a liar... and what a bad liar..

Good liars will mix truth with lies just to deceive others, but this liar just spilled out unbelievable, bad lies...

Louis said...

They know how to take bribery and live the lives of the rich and famous, but one thing they really lack is the skill of telling lies. in this case, James really put himself up like a fool.

"Crony is friend. I am a friend of the CM. So, I am one of his cronies..."