Monday, April 27, 2009

把根留住 Sarawak Rock Party 2009

If my Chinese language knowledge still serves me well, the first for chinese characters literally means let's keep the root. Me and my buddy Allen and the femes Robin Wong went to Kenyalang Commercial Centre to attend our very first Rock Party. To my pleasant surprise, the turnout that night was pretty encouraging given that it poured quite heavily before the event started.

We missed a few gigs cuz we decided to go for our dinner first before shooting like there's no tomorrow (pardon the pun).

Very feminine -_-"""

Pazuzu (surprised to see him on stage, man of multi-talents)

So into it~~

Another partner in crime, funkye aka Frankie (he has more talents than all your fingers put together)

Guess who?

Ooooooohhh....It's Andy Phe (U rock brada!!!)

Union Jack


Who can forget this uncle with his band members who rocked the hall with their rendition of 2 Original Hakka rock number?

Guitarist from a Hongkie band who spots a cool hairdo

This Hongkie band really brought down the house with a couple of Canto-Rock hits

Tilt your head and move it all around...

And they even brought along their hot GFs who snap photos! Now who doesn't dig a girl who snaps with a DSLR? Well, at least I know that I do!

End with a B-A-N-G!!!

Overall, I would consider this event a real breath of fresh air in the local rock music scene. And based on the turnout which we had last night, I am sure there will more similar events in the future right here in Kuching.

And before I end this entry, I wanna post a few shots of bloggers at work that night...

Notice the hood of his lens? Looks chromed to me :)



Ah_Mike said...

lol at 'kame hama ha'!

yienyien said...

wah wah wah!! so fast post liao ahhhh!

Funkye said...

"Frankie (he has more talents than all your fingers put together)"

waraoooo say til so kan chiong..hahaa. im not tat geng wor...

anyway really nice them!

Louis said...

[ah mike] hahaha... i like his hairdo which matched the expression!

[yien] yupes... just realized that my blog has been abandon for a long time. aiks...

[frankie]'s true bah, u memang talented! thank you for your compliments!

robin said...

hey man,
eh eh i where got femes ahahaha...
good captures you have there !! Mine was mostly bad I dun think i will be blogging about it ahahaha...
Oh by the way, Happy Birthday !!

Louis said...

robin, u are damn femes wei~~~
at least more femes than me la~~

thanks for your compliments and birthday wishes and being a part of the surprise gang last night!

a n n n a said...

nice pichas!! and so fast edi update!

I have to find the video hoster that can support the videos I took ahhh..

Anyway, it's great meeting u again :D

Louis said...

hi annna, thanks!!!
video hoster... dont wanna use youtube?

it's great to meet u again! :P

ahlost said...

Kamehamehaaaaaaaaaaa~~~ <-- *ROFLMAO*

Louis said...

[ahlost] hahaha~~~ his hair and his expression... reminds me of Goku.