Saturday, May 02, 2009

Teaser - Fashion Week at the Spring - Spring & Summer Collection

What, it's MAY dy????

I was invited by Allen to join him for a photoshoot for a "close function via invitation" at the Spring. !st May 2009 marks the start of Fashion Week at The Spring. This 3 day extravaganza will showcase many of the tenants' Spring/Summer 2009 collections. On the first night, models will feature collections from Espirit, United Colors of Benetton and PDI.

Here's a teaser photo from the show

More photos, coming soon!


robin said...

hey man,
kinda cool to have a VIP pass eh? I enjoyed myself shooting that fashion show ahahaha.. glad that Kuching is stepping up its standards in this regard.
Go shoot some more over the weekends !! Coz I cant be there anymore.... so sad lar...

Louis said...

yo robin, it's definitely cool to have VIP pass. I will definitely shoot more. Didn't go to the spring today cuz I went to cover a church concert event together with Frankie and Calvin. Will go to the Spring tmr. :)

too bad you won't be there with us... so u gotta shoot more pics in KL!!!

ahlost said...

Wooo.. the guy looks familiar.. *hmph*

Louis said...

ahlost, u know him?
he's quite a performer, u know?