Sunday, May 31, 2009

Drift and Track Sunday

Calvin told me sometime last week that one of his friend wanted gave him an official farewell race before he starts his career at Miri Old Airport in Miri. We hung out at his mechanic's shop for a while before embarking to our destination in No-Man's Land at Sejingkat.

We waited for the racers to turn up... but to no avail. So after half an hour, Calvin decided to leave the place and head to our State Stadium.

The weather was just soooooo fine

And behold...

A nicely kitted Nissan 350Z

The menacing RX-7

My colleague in his EvoIII....thumbs up

Spotted a troupe of Honda Civics

More action

DC2 kitted with INGS+1 widebody kit

A rare Toyota Chaser... this is the first time I've seen one in real flesh and meat

Satria GTi with turbo breathing down the EG's neck

Well, I certainly enjoyed myself this time around. Will definitely miss my brada Calvin's insight and technical knowledge on cars esp on Hondas. But fret not bro, hope I'll join you soon too in Oil Town.


cal81 said...

woot! that's pretty fast update, hehe... thanks brada, i'll definitely miss sunday club-ing with u guys... =(
looking forward to own an exciting project car in the near future =p

Louis said...

Thanks... yeah, hope to snap pics of your project car when i do go to miri. oh yeah, my fren who drives the red evo 8, wanted to intro me to his speed kakis. hope to secure a photoshoot with their cars one day!

cal81 said...

ha, good le... maybe i can tag along if i happen to be around? =p

Louis said...

will let you know in advance if there's one. then you can say you fly in with your gargantuan camera gears just to shoot a few cars. bahahaha....

Steven Au said...

Hope i will join the Vtec Gang soon. Dude ur 350z pic is really cool..can feel the OOOOmmpph... nice one. can take my BMW before gone... (maybe).

Louis said...

[steven] still waiting for your NSX... then u will need to learn the correct and only way to drive it, ie drive it hard! thank you for your compliments! Looking forward to shooting your BMW3, maybe this week?