Wednesday, June 03, 2009

NBA Finals 2009

It finally came down to this... East meets West. In the Western corner, we have the familiar face of the Los Angeles Lakers while in the East, we have...erm... where is Lebron's Cavaliers? Why isn't the MVP in the NBA Playoff Finals? OK, enough theaterics, Lakers will be meeting Dwight "Superman" Howard in the 2009 Playoff Finals. What will it take for Kobe and co. to whizz out Magic's magic? Kryptonite? Well, Nate Robinson did just that in this year's Slam Dunk Contest spotting a kryptonite jersey to diffuse Howard's Superman tights. My take for this year's Finals: Lakers in 7.

Here are 4 videos of NBA Puppet Stars which I find pretty hilarious:

MVP Chalk

3 Rings

Unstoppable Game Tape

Mrs. Lewis

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