Friday, June 12, 2009

Bako National Park - Part 2

Weird mushroom with net?

Huge tree with huge trunk

To our dismay, we were only to see one Proboscis monkey, even so, it was laying lazily on a tree branch having his afternoon nap. Sigh, so much for the hoo-hah to check out the monkey. And there were curious Dutch visitors who posed (yeah, they were actually posing for me) for my photo.

But not all was bad, as we continued walking, we came to out first beach check point. Gosh, given the clear weather blue sky, the sea was in its best color. The water was so clear. Ah... nature's the best!

Check out the waters

A ray of sunlight (will spoil my CMOS sensor, no?)

Hiding under the shade (except Sze Leng who is basking happily under the sun)

Half way through our journey to the Pantai Pandan Kecil, we took a breather at one of the shacks. We took out our food supply and guess what, we had a visitor... jeng jeng jeng...

A wildboar looking for food

It looked quite hostile at first because it ran towards our hut. We were quite worried that it would attack anyone of us should we retaliate. But thank God, some hikers came and when the wild boar heard sounds from behind, it took off into the wild again.

Phew, close call!

We huff and puff cuz the weather, to say it was very hot is an understatement by itself. We just kept our head low and continued our journey. After 1.5 hours of hiking, lo behold...

What is this? Why is the ground like that?

Actually I have no idea how the earth became like this, but one thing I am sure is it took more than millions of years to form it...

The scenery is simply breathtaking

Group photo - Everyone is withered but still managed to smile for this shot!

More stones with spectacular topography

The landmark of Bako - Stone Stack!

This is the first time I have seen it after 3 previous visits to Bako.

More nice views of Bako...

The photo of the day has gotta be this street fighting pose by Gameniac and Wahoo...


It was a wonderful trip overall, and I not only brought back nice memories of Bako but also a nice tan. :P


M said...

Yes yes, we all know you're very fair! Hahahha. Anyway, nice pictures! But the batu one very geli. Eeeeeeeee!

ahlost said...

Wow.. so many pics... I've never been to Bako National Park O_o

Louis said...

[M] yes right... wanna drop that fair-boy tag. thanks for the compliments. well bout the rocks, it looks geli but in real life, it's just like any other rock. well, technically, it's still rocks but with structures and composite we seldom see.

[ahlost] hahaha...wanna challenge your tutorial shots mah. so i give my readers the benefit of seeing more of Bako. let's go to Bako again!

robin said...

Awwwwwhhhhh !!!! I see macro shots !!!
And good ones too... OMGGGGGG that mushroom net thing... more geli than all my spiders combined lah wei !!
ahahha but it looks darn cool.

Louis said...

[robin] thank you bro.
those are not macro shots actually. i plan to get one hopefully by next year. nonono...your spider shots are really cool wei. :) nothing beats an up close shot of an eight-legged creature.

vell said...

Never been there before... Nice view...

Louis said...

[vell] thanks bro!