Friday, June 05, 2009

Rock Climbing....Again

Thursday morning was just perfect for any outdoor activities. The sky was blue, the breeze was mild, even the palm trees look nice, don't they? Roy invited me to go to Fairy's cave to break my wall-climbing duck, which I jumped to accept. This time around we had Asang (the ever helpful Indonesian climber), Alex (seasoned climber who also happens to be my colleague who sometimes cycles to work, kid you not!) and Carol (Alex's gf) as company.

Turn left, turn right, go straight?

The last stretch leading to the climb site

Check out how huge and magnificent the Batman wall is. And yes, that's Roy at the bottom right of the photo. Mother Nature just never fails to amazes me everytime I come out to nature. I do wonder how this wall or other walls are formed in such away that there's actually a ceiling underneath the wall. Someone please tell me...

Me caught in the act of climbing the baby wall... which I conquered in 3 mins I guess. :P

Alex leading the way

Roy with the magic prism glasses. With these pair of special glasses, you do not have to tilt your head backwards to look upwards. Because the images are actually being reflected through the prism of the glasses.... Clever!

Hoh..Is that a buffalo up on the wall?

Asang and Alex going through their toolbox, getting ready to lay a new route up the wall

Cliffhanger Alex

Obviously this wall-climbing is not some easy peasy sport... Check out the droplets of sweat on Alex's shoulder

Roy belayering Alex


The RED toolbox

What is this? This is actually a retractable pole with a special fastener on one end. It serves as a elongated arm to fix or detach beaners or ropes.

Yes, this is a vacuum cleaner

Asang fastening the portable vacuum cleaner for Alex who is up in midair to vacuum out the dust and debris from drilling

And of course, we manage to capture a few candids before we started headed home...

Alex and Carol...locking horn arms

But the shot of the day has got to go to Roy.... Terminator kononnya...

I definitely had good fun this time, but I still hope one day I will be able to climb Route 999.


cal81 said...

can give it a try again next week! =D

Louis said...

me gonna take a breather from outdoor... need more time to recover. just editted photos from bako. so, what time's your flight tmr?

cal81 said...

looking forward to see pichas from ur bako trip... =)
my flight's at noon today... take care bro, i'll cya guys in a couple of weeks time!

Louis said...

hehe... sure. hope to hear good things from u. :)