Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Bako National Park - Part 1

Was suppose to publish this much earlier but you know this,bz that....

Recently I have been actively indulging myself in outdoor activities. They just came fast and quick, which resulted to my being more tanned. But being tanned is a good thing, no? Last Saturday, me and my colleagues and friends went to Bako National Park.

At first I thought Bako National Park is located on an island, but from the map above you can see clearly that it's part of Sarawak mainland. :) Drove up to Kampung Bako at around 9am. Reached there after a 30 minutes drive. After registering at the Park's reception counter, we hopped into a speedboat and headed straight to Bako National Park.

from L to R: SzeLeng, Gameniac, Wahoo & Anna

Mind the crocs! There are crocs???

More camwhoring...

Bako is a fishing village

Calm sea and clear sky... the weather couldn't have been better

Boat No.5

A fishing boat returning to the village

Ah... we were greeted by our first boulder. The unique thing about Bako NAtional Park is that it's filled with this arrays of magnificent rocks. If you stand real close to it, you can actually see the lines of on it which gives you some idea how long it took for it to be formed... well, a couple of millions of years I guess.

After we had alighted from the speedboat (which was about 20 mins from the jetty), we headed straight to the information counter to ask for advice from the park ranger regarding the trails to take. Since it was already 10:30am, the ranger suggested that we should take the Teluk Paku (Gulf of Paku) and maybe the Pantai Pandan trails.

Treants from LOTR?

At the start of Teluk Paku trail. Our major objective was to spot some Proboscis monkeys because according to reliable sources, this trail actually leads to where most of the monkeys stay. We walked and walked...

Roots above the earth

Take a break, take a shot!

Stay tune to find out if we did see the femes Proboscis monkeys and the visitor who paid us a surprise visit right in the middle of nowhere...


Margaret said...

nice photo...seems like it is nice place to explore..Why only invite a few nia..

Louis said...

yo margaret, are u the margaret whom i know from LT? should be yes, and then yes, anyway i am not sure that u are the real margaret. LOL

thank you for the compliments. bako is a really nice place to explore if u are into nature and hiking stuffs. bout the final question, well, we didn't wanna scare of all the monkeys and marquees right? LOL...