Monday, June 22, 2009

The Stig - Revealed!

Finally, one of Top Gear UK's best kept secret has been revealed. The Stig, who drives and tests different cars around the Top Gear race track with a superbly consistent time (I read somewhere that his lap to lap variation is as little as 0.2 sec ONLY!), was finally unmasked on Top Gear's premier episode of Season 13. He is none other than the 7-time Formula One world champ, Michael Schumacher himself! I personally think that there are a few persons behind that mysterious white full face helmet and Michael Schumacher's revelation could just be another one of Top Gears publicity stunts.

Check out the following clip for the unveiling of The STIG.


PatrickHo said...

He is not the stig. The way he walks and the way he come out is not the same as the real normal stig. And at the end of the show did you see how bad he did with the Suzuki Liana? OMG.. Utter rubbish from Clarkson!

Louis said...

hahaha pat, i thought so too. i think TG is just pulling off as a publicity stunt. and the real Stig is still lurking out there...somewhere.