Friday, May 15, 2009

World Junior Tennis - Boys

Note: All these photos (except the 2nd one) were taken using 50mm F/1.8 lens

So, me and my photobuddy Allen went to SLTA courts last Sunday to catch the Finals of the World Junior Tennis for boys.

The weather in Kuching nowadays has been really hot and harsh, hence applying sunblock lotion is a MUST! Upon reaching there, we were greeted by tennis players (junior ones) from all over the world. At centre court, we managed to capture the finals between Chinese Taipei and Australia.

Match played under the scorching SUN

Although the levels displayed here are not close to those of their seniors like Nadal or Federer, their fighting spirit and team spirit are exceptional.

Bang the coach's head

Team Australia? Hmmm....

Future Champ?

Small boy, BIG bag

Through the shoes


Speaking of loneliness, I have been feeling pretty lonely at work as of late. I do not have those brothers I used to have while I was in my previous department. The crazy jokes, the lame jokes, the cold jokes... it's all in the past now. Sigh...

I want out!

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