Monday, May 11, 2009

Track and Drag Race

This afternoon, me and my fellow photokaki, Calvin went to the Sarawak Stadium not to watch some football match or track and field event, but we were there to witness some of the fiercest and baddest cars available in Kuching churning out their respective potential ponies. Fairladies, Skylines, Imprezas, RX-7s, Civics...were a common sight there.

At stock, these machines are already feared animals on the roads, but here they are mostly tuned and morphed into scary beasts. The track race is unofficial and whoever feels that his car is capable of putting in a few impressive laps are welcome to take part.

The track - take note that there's a white Skyline in action

Man on two-wheel monster (Yamaha cruizer)

Next to the race track, there's a spot for drifters (sideways enthusiasts) to showcase their skills. Here's a drift car after a few donuts...

At around 4pm, suddenly everyone started leaving the place. Calvin and I just followed the bandwagon and ended up somewhere at Sejingkat area where some drag race actions are gonna take place.

Being tailed by a Skyline, kudos to Calvin for smokin' that Skyline

Monster dragster who pwned everyone

Some drag actions

Subtle RX-7

Monster GTR with 600++ HP (jaw dropped!)

This was really an exhilarating experience being able to see and hear and feel street racing in flesh for the very first time. Thanks Calvin!!!


cal81 said...

u're welcome bro! nicely done! liked the composition & color tone of the cefiro under the shade shot... very pro looking! the biker one too... & not to mention the last shot on the wangan gtr leaving the scene, considering ur were mere inches away from getting hit just to get that shot! =D
will be posting the few shots i have soon... hehe

Soon Hui said...

wow, which road is that?

I have never been into car racing stuff, but it seems to me it's quite cool

Louis said...

[cal] thank you again for your compliments. :) just trying to improve my shots and some minor editting (try not to la...but sometimes still needs to tweak a bit) to bring out the X factor of the photos)

looking forward to your post.

[soonhui]'s somewhere at sejingkat. it's pretty secluded with no trees in sight. i am sure there are many race venues in KL. try to catch one and u will feel the chill and thrill of it. syiok!

allen said...

fast and furious! who's paul walker? :D who's vin diesel? :D

Louis said...

[allen] oh...they were in KL shooting KL drift 2 last weekend :P

cal81 said...

aha! smoke the skyline i did not... we were just cruising wad.. hehe

Louis said...

[cal] hahaha...strange! The G-force i felt when i was "cruising" in your ride was phenomenal... mb i was drunk. :P

cybreed said...

nice pics!

Louis said...

yo gerald! thank you! u have some nice wesak day pics too!

Funkye said...

nice nice.. i wan shoot osoo

Norman Goh said...

hey louis, I want to join in too to shoot the event. that's so cool!
by the way, remember my cousin, Ben? The one taking part in the model search? My uncle is getting him a black Fairlady 350z. Wohoo!

oh yea, keep in touch!
this is my number: 012-8958514

Louis said...

[funkye] sure sure...but let me warn you it's gonna be very very hot cuz there's no shades at the drag place.

[norman] what? a 350z??? sigh...:( some ppl are so lucky. blessed with good looks and height and now a sports car.. hp no. noted!

ahlost said...

Wow.. Loving the first and the last pic punya kereta :D

Louis said...

[ahlost] waaaah...u like cars too? nice.... :)