Saturday, May 09, 2009

SIB Grace Night Of Worship

Last Saturday night (2 May 2009) my fellow shutterbug, Frankie invited me and my soon-to-be-EX-colleague-cum-brada, Calvin to cover a church concert event. Night of Worship (N.O.W) was organized by SIB Grace Church at Crowne Square.

Most of the photos here are taken using my kit lens with Flash (courtesy of another brada, LoiGoh).

Registration counter

Camwhoring is a must

Red beard cute?

The performing artists

The crowd's loving it


Nice poses

My partners in crime that night


Calvin (love the candid)

Thanks to Frankie and Calvin for a wonderful photoshoot experience. More photos HERE.


cal81 said...

=D interesting composition of shots bro! different lens, different perspective to view a scene from... ha, how come i dun recall looking so sleepy like that in the last pic? =p

Louis said...

=) Thank you bro! Yupes, tat's why it's always interesting to see how different lens and sometimes different cameras produce different effects. My photos do not show as much ambiance and lighting of a concert as compared to yours.

last pic is cool!

nORmAN said...

Greetings Louis,

On behalf of SIB Grace, a very big thank you for covering the event.

On behalf,
Norman Hiu

Louis said...

hey norman! the pleasure is all mine! cheers~!

Alan Hiu said...

Hi Louis,

Thanks for your artistic compilation of the evening... I've linked it to my blog as well...

Grace, grace, grace...

Funkye said...

thank u mr. louis. hehehe.

Louis said...

[Alan] Thank you for your encouraging words. :)

[Funkye] Most welcome. but why so ke qi?

Felidadida said...

Hi Louis,
I love the pics that you took. Thanks and God bless...

Louis said...

[felidadida] yo! you are most welcome! god bless!!!