Thursday, May 21, 2009

Batman Wall Rockclimbing

Sorry for the delayed post of this rockclimbing experience.

Thanks to Roy, I tagged along to Fairy's Cave last Sunday to "conquer" Batman Wall.

Calvin and Em was there to shoot photos and cheer us on. LOL!

Honestly, from the ground it looks pretty easy but trust me, when you are actually being strapped and pulled up dangling in midair, you might not have the slightest idea and energy to start climbing (well, at least that was how I felt during my first attempt).

Check out the rest of the photos...

A fellow photokaki (but Nikon user)

A foot in the hole...also can!

Someone mentioned he looks like a HK drama actor...pheeewit!

There's a cow up there!

Caren going through the steps with Roy

Ling - never be fooled by her physique cuz she is STRONG!!! She is a really kind and patient lady who told us everything we needed to know about climbing.

Caren in action

Sexy back

Roy in action! (Hokkien:ka kui kui, tan tua lui; English: Spread your legs, earn more money)

Really fit people, and nice too :)

Although I barely climbed the wall, but I am still grateful that I was given the opportunity to try it out (no REGRETS). At least now I know that I am still very far from the admirable fitness level the pros on that day displayed. Gotta work on my fitness starting tomorrow! Thinking of going back to the gym, but being car-less really SUX! Bah...think I will just work out at home for now.

Note: Angels & Demons was beyond my expectations. If you haven't watched it, go catch it in the cinema. The thrill and fun watching the movie on BIG screen is totally different from the feeling you get by reading the book (I read the book last year). Kudos to Tom Hanks (Robert Langdon) for his GREAT acting. Looking forward to Transformers 2...

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