Friday, March 24, 2006

So foot!!!

I went for foot reflexolgy this morning. Today is the second visit to this reflexology center located near Petanak market. I was greeted by the friendly staffs there. Today I had to wait for Mr. Lee (my preferred foot reflexologist) because he was attending to another person when i arrived. After a while, Mr. Lee came with one bucket of luke warm water and asked me to soak my feet into the water. And after 3 mins, he will dry my feet with towels and start to apply lotion on my left foot ( I am not sure why he'll normally start with left foot) and start to apply the force of a boxer with a killer punch to the base of my feet.......ngai tii....oh fuck....oh shyt....oooooouuuuch...

That's usually the pain that i have to endure every week. But one thing I know for sure that if I am able to sustain the pain for the few more weeks to come, my internal organs will be able to function better. So if this equation [present pain = healthier life + less complication in the future] is true, then i rather do some sacrifice now. *No pain. no gain*

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