Monday, November 03, 2008

Kenting (墾丁)Trip

Last last weekend, me and my fellow Malaysians also "X-Fab"ian decided to go to KenTing (墾丁) Beach. This beach is located at the most southern part of Taiwan Island. According to locals here, normally at this time of the year, the crowd should subside because weather is turning cold. But this year, we suspect due to the previous typhoon, the cold air has been swept to the north hence weather this year has gone cuckoo.

We went to Tainan Train Station to catch up with our comrades there. Can you spot the 3 Malaysians in this photo?

From there we took a one hour train ride to KaoHsiung Train Station. I was pretty excited because this was my first train ride.

Upon arriving at Kenting Beach, we were greeted by this sight? Nice?

Gosh, blue skies, blue sea, white sands, sunny day... what more can you ask for?

Everything is just so peaceful here. But I find out that there are a few strange name of raod signs here in Kenting. Strange or not strange, you decide.

We also went to the Frog Rock Marine Park here in Kenting. Entrance fee was NTD50 only. We wanted to see what on earth is a frog rock...

The rocks here are indeed different. They are all black in color. and the texture of the rocks are very rough with lots of holes.

The view here is nothing less than spectacular, something you would only see in TV ads...

I love Kenting!

I love Taiwan!

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