Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Taipei (Part 2)

Note: All these photos are unedited due to lack of editing software.

I took about 300 shots while I was in Taipei and Xi Men Ting. Some turned out well, but others...nah. So here's the continuation...

Can you recognize this building?

Taipei 101

Yes, it's the world's tallest building, Taipei 101. Too bad I can't get a better shot with my camera because I only brought my 50mm f/1.8 lens along to Taipei. So all I could snap was the top part of this skyscraper. According to the lift attendant, (yes, there's a pretty lift attendant in the lift to the 89th floor) the lift is the fastest in the world. I would not doubt that because my ears caould actually feel the pressure while the lift was accelerating up.

In the lift

We loafed around Taipei 101 and felt that the whole area is something similar to our very own Bukit Bintang but slightly in a different way.

Live statue - will dance when you put money into his box.

Jumping beans

This kid is wearing a jumping aid kit. So whenever he jumps he can reach Vince-Carteresque hieght. According to the brochure, this braces can help you grow taller, but frankly I am not to sure about it. But it is still quite amazing to see this kid jumping up and down with these braces.

The MRT station at Xi Men Ting was jammed pack

Mascot of Xi Men....i don't know

Some promotional event for an upcoming movie...looks stupid right?

Skater Shoes

Movie tickets

Me and my friends decided to get a taste of watching movie here in Taiwan, so we headed to the cinema here. Cinemas here are really classy, unlike our pathetic Star Cineplex and the other...erm... Metro (name of that cinema is not even worth remembering). We chose to watch a local production which became a major blockbuster here in Taiwan, 海角七号 (translated as Cape No.7). The tickets cost NTD200 each (which is about RM21) which is pretty expensive compared to those we get in Malaysia. Overall the movie was OK and I would give it a 7 out of 10 because the lead actor was great. As of 26 Oct 2008, the movie is the 3rd highest grossing movie here in Taiwan after Titanic and Jurassic Park, Amazing? So how can we miss the chance to watch such a movie, right?

Colorful fruits

Shop selling the famous 阿宗面线

阿宗面线 chinese 星巴克咖啡

Armour outside a Japanese restaurant

Yours sincerely


allen said...

ah. i thought it was jay chou himself in the last pic. =P

Louis said...

hahaha... paiseh.

Michelle said...

Those cut up fruits look yummo...mmm...
Looking kooool behind the lenses huh? Hehehe

or2ng3s said...

Is the mian xian really nice? I watched the same shop at a taiwan's entertainment programme.

Louis said...

erm...the mian xian is very gooey. well, i think msians won't like it. all my msian frens tasted it and said "nothing one leh".

Louis said...

those fruits looks yummy indeed...but they are quite expensive. about RM5 per piece...