Sunday, October 05, 2008

View From Above

These are a few shots taken from the plane enroute my flight from KL to Taipei

Above the clouds

Any idea where this is?

Click to enlarge and you might just know where this is.... (hint: it's in Malaysia)

Now i know why God always prefer to be looking down on us, because the view from the sky is always spectacular!
Anyway, here's a sneak preview of my next entry...

To those who have requested for photos of mui mui in Taiwan, stay tuned.

(Note: I am doing this entry purely for those who so badly wanna see the infamous beauties of Taiwan)


Taffy A.E. Jong said...

Looks like KL to me. With the Stadium Bukit Jalil somewhere and the unmistakenly tall condos in orange. But I might be wrong lol.

Louis said...

close but not quite...

notice the man-made lake and the round building roof-top, that's in putra jaya.

faithlovechocolate said...

I like the way u caption your photo in your posts... simple yet able to deliver the essence.

Louis said...

thank you chocolate-lover-and-newly-promoted-to-staff-engineer-faith ^^

Stitch said...

HDR !! luv it !!

William Leong said...