Sunday, October 12, 2008


Since last Friday (10/10/2008) was a public holiday (National Day) here in Taiwan, me and Lau went to Taipei to meet up with Ang Wie and Frankie. I just got back about 4 hours ago. I am feeling really tired because throughout this trip I was still not fully fit. I carried my cough to Taipei and back to Taichung. We went to many interesting places, ate different kinds of local delicacies, and even watched a local produced movie - 海角七号(which has became a mega blockbuster here in Taiwan).

More photos in my next entry...


Taffy A.E. Jong said...

Wah, still sick ar? Aiyo, maybe you're not adjusted to the weather there.Get well soon, dude!:) Anyway, at least ada cuti for you there bah.Take more opportunity to rest while you can and ooo more photos to come? cool!lol.

Louis said...

okie taffy!!!

hope i do get well soon. sick and tired of being sick.