Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Taipei (Part 1)

10 October is the National Day of Taiwan PRC. And since it fell on a Friday, me and my fellow Malaysians here in Taiwan took the chance to go to Taipei. Main agenda was to eat, play and see...

Bus ride from Taichung to Taipei took about 2 hours. Upon arrival, we were greeted by this unique building which is adjacent to Taipei Bus Station, the Taipei Railway Station.

Taipei Railway Station

Taipei Railway Station

From the bus station we headed straight to Xi Men Ting via MRT. Since it was a public holiday here in Taiwan, there were throngs of people.

Huge crowd

Our MRT "ticket"

At night we went to the famous 士林夜市 (but honestly I have never heard of this night market before this). If you ask me to describe this place, I can only say it's a food heaven!!!

Check out these food... droooooooooooooool....

大饼包小饼 (da bing bao xiao bing - big kuih wrap small kuih)

臭豆腐 menu (smelly tofu menu)

臭豆腐 (smelly tofu)

花枝尤鱼汤 (sotong soup)

肉串 (meat stick)

大肠包小肠 (Small sausage wrapped in big sausage)

大肠 (Taiwan sausage)

蚵仔煎 (Ou wa chien - fried oyster Taiwan style)

红烧鳗 (Fried fish)

超大鸡排 (HUGE chicken chop - the largest I have seen)

柠蒙爱玉 (dunno how to translate...smth like cincau + lemon)

I really enjoyed the food here.... so for you food lovers out there, you would definitely want to come here for Food, Glorious Food!!!!


or2ng3s said...

it's simply 'heaven knows'! :D
have a good day pal!

Taffy A.E. Jong said...

So tempting!My goodness!
Food heaven, lol:D
At least a nice change from the certain setbacks you faced.

-sHeiLa- said...

OMG!!!!!!!! I also want to try. especially the ou wai chien. that's my favourite. yum... making me hungry only.

faithlovechocolate said...

ngai ti.... my saliva dripping liaw lor....

Louis said...

[sheila] hehehe...it's different from the ou chien in kuching. but it taste good all the same.

[faith] mari-mari... come we makan together-gether.

-sHeiLa- said...

my mum knows how to cook it also. haha... almost the same n its super nice.

Louis said...

[sheila] ooo...your mom taiwanese ka?