Monday, August 18, 2008

An afternoon at UNIMAS

Two Saturdays ago, I accompanied my brother/fren/colleague to his alma mater UNIMAS to attend a function.

I took the opportunity to roam the new uni campus.

UNIMAS on chrome

As it was a weekend, we could hardly find anyone in the campus area. So the two of us just lepak around the campus checking out the "new" structures which my fren claimed "which is a thousand times better than his old campus".

Red is the color

Fully-equipped gym... lucky students

Pardon the weird WB setting... i was standing in the water while taking this shot


I am slowly turning this blog into a photoblog... so any comments on the shots are very much welcomed.

The alumni

A couple of people actually thought I was the photographer for the function, so they all passed their cameras asking me to help them snap this group photo. Funny... Do i look like a pro?

Note: all the photos posted here are uneditted and are published here as how they are being taken.


cal81 said...

u're half-way there liao la bro! eh, how come so few pixes only?

Louis said...

hehehe...dared not post too many.
scared i would intimidate certain ppl.

faithlovechocolate said...

hi pro photographer, u will do anything for a GOOD shot eh ...

Louis said...

of course... anything for a good photo. :)