Tuesday, August 26, 2008

X-Fab Family Day 2008 - (almost) Car Show

X-Fab had its inaugural Family Day last Saturday. Themed "Chill Out", it was meant for their staffs to bring their family and friends "beramai-ramai" to the company. There were free food (which I didnt get to try cuz i was too lazy to queue), game stalls (targetted for the young ones) and bla bla bla...

Here I will post some photos of the (so-called... -_-") car show. Enjoy!

The familiar badge - GTR


Monster from the Land of The Rising Sun


check out my butt

19" lightweight rims

Well-decorated (but didn't win)

from outer-space

The Champion - went home RM500 richer


faithlovechocolate said...

totally dig the 2nd last photo ...

Louis said...

thanks... btw, that's mizam's car ^.^