Wednesday, August 20, 2008


sorry for the photo quality, taken using my loyal w810i

This photo was taken one afternoon or noon actually bout 3 weeks ago when my colleagues and I were on our way to the car park to get our cars to go for lunch. I think this phenomenon lasted for at least 2 hours.

Is this a sign from above? I don't know...

All I know is, this is called a "halo".

"A halo (ἅλως; also known as a nimbus, icebow or Gloriole) is an optical phenomenon that appears near or around the Sun or Moon, and sometimes near other strong light sources such as street lights. There are many types of optical halos, but they are mostly caused by ice crystals in cold cirrus clouds located high (5–10 km, or 3–6 miles) in the upper troposphere. The particular shape and orientation of the crystals is responsible for the type of halo observed. Light is reflected and refracted by the ice crystals and may split up into colors because of dispersion, similarly to the rainbow."

- extracted from wikipedia -

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