Saturday, July 11, 2009

Featured (sorta) in

Guess what a shock I got when I read Kenny Sia's latest entry on "Keluar Sign FAIL"?

My previous post "Celebrity, Spotted" was sorta featured in Kenny's Short Talk.

I just wanna clarify myself here to Kenny. I didn't mean to do you any harm. It's just another post in blog. That evening me and my buddy were on our way to Taman Sahabat to shoot sunset and chun chun (means coincidentally in Hokkien dialect) we saw you jogging. So the natural thing to do with our camera gears in our hands, we snap pics of you. So cheers buddy!

p/s Jogging rocks!


allen said...

woot! :P

yomi said...

no choice..
that's the price to pay when you are sorta recognized =P
its called being popular... hehe!

Louis said...

me wanna be femes too!

kennysia said...

Haha! No worries man, I ain't mad at all. Why would I be mad? I wrote that Short Talk tongue in cheek.

ahlost said...

Wow.. Cool.. Kenny commented :)

But to me, he sounded like he's mad.. Didn't know he's not :D

Louis said...

[kenny] great then! hope u have a good week ahead. don't let those paparazzi stop u from jogging. :P

[ahlost] hahaha... femes liao. we gotta believe what kenny says. :)