Thursday, July 02, 2009

Miri Escapade - Part 2

Here's the continuation from Part 1.

Me and Cal went up Canada Hill where this old lady still stands

This is the first oil well in Miri with collaboration between PETRONAS and Royal Dutch SHELL.

Engraved facts


One interesting thing I saw was the 4 workers, who looked almost real (except the fact that they were colorless), pushing underneath the 30 feet structure.

Pushing into the sunset

From another angle

I think the Miri City Council build this to tell a better story of how people back in the early 90's extracted crude oil.


Next to it, you can find this odd looking structure. I am not too sure what it's called but I remembered one of my friends told me it's a "nodding DONKEY" (thanks to B for the info)

Actually there's an interesting hiking trail which one of my friends have been asking me to try it for years. I see many enthusiasts flocking the area in the evening to conquer this mini challenge (B told me not to under estimate it, so I had to drop the mini). I didn't try it this time but fret not, I promise I will try it the next time when I come to settle down in visit Miri.

View of Miri town from Canada Hill


robin said...

Whoahhhh that upskirt shot... awesomeness man !!

Louis said...

tengkiuuuussss robin!

your macro shots also very the nice. :)

Christine said...

gosh havent seen that grand old lady since primary school.

then again i havent been back to miri for over 10years

love ur photos!


Louis said...

[chriszie] hey, didn't know u were from miri. :) glad you liked my photos.